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For proven treatments to regrow your hair, no one knows more than Ashley & Martin. Rather than rely on any single approach, we provide access to a range of the most advanced medical hair loss treatments. So when you come to us, you can be confident we have what you need to stop your hair loss and regrow your hair.

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Recent scientific studies show that the most effective hair loss treatments are those that combine multiple approaches. This is as there are many factors that contribute to hair loss.

In a single individual, it isn’t uncommon for hair loss to be affected by a number of the following contributing factors:

  • Androgen / hormone imbalances
  • Inflammation
  • Oxidative stress
  • Dermatological conditions (from aging or skin infections)
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Elevated stress mediators like cortisol

No single medication, supplement or hair therapy can address all these concerns. But by combining the latest available treatments we can give you real results regrowing and restoring your hair.

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Why our hair loss treatments work best

We don’t offer half measures, just the best medical care for real results treating hair loss.
  • Just what you need

    We only provide treatments that address the specifics of your hair loss condition. This personalised approach means you will receive no more and no less than what you need.
  • Regrow more hair

    We’ll monitor your treatment and make any adjustments needed to increase the amount of hair you can regrow over the course of your treatment.
  • For your safety

    While allergic reactions to treatment are unlikely, if you did experience any negative side-effects, our doctors will alter your treatment to keep you feeling good, while you regrow your hair.
Combined Treatments

Our hair loss treatments

Our program combines advanced hair loss treatments such as:

RealGROWTH lotion: This unique topical solution, developed by Ashley & Martin stimulates hair follicles to enter the growth (anagen) phase of hair growth. It also includes retinoids to improve scalp health.

Hair loss medication: Use of a prescription dihydro-testosterone (DHT) inhibitor, controls the androgen-associated aspects of genetic hair loss.

Natural hair loss remedies: Our range of herbal products help block androgen receptors.

Nutritional supplements: Providing the required nutrition for hair growth.

Laser therapy: This new treatment has proven to be extremely effective decreasing inflammation of hair follicles and improving circulation in the scalp to increase hair growth.

Hair loss shampoos and conditioners: Our specially formulated hair products ensure a healthy environment for newly growing hair.

Trained hair loss consultants: Above all else, our hair loss experts will be with you every step of the way to give you the right advice and make sure your hair loss treatment is successful.

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