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Dave was 23, but had thinning hair for 7 years…

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Hair loss treatment for teenage hair loss
Best hair loss treatment for teenagers
After 12 months
Both stress and genetics were contributing to Olivia’s hair loss…

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Womens hair thinning before hair loss treatment
Hair loss treatment for stress in women after
After 8 months
Sai had tried many different over the counter medicines…

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Natural hair loss treatment before
Natural hair loss treatment after
After 6 months
Hair regrowth is usually a slow process but Keirin saw results early…

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Hair loss treatment gets quick results before
Hair loss treatments gets quick results regrowing hair after
After 4 months
Steroid use had contributed to Jai’s hair loss…

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Hair loss treatment for steroid related hair loss before image
Hair loss treatment cures steroid related hair loss after
After 12 months
Andy started laser therapy at 68 years of age…

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Results of hair loss treatment for older men
Successful hair loss treatment for 60 year old man
After 12 months
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How it works

  • Hair Loss Assessment

    We examine your scalp to identify the root causes of your hair loss condition.
  • Personalised Treatment

    We’ll then let you know what your best treatment options are, and if you qualify for our Regrow Your Hair Guarantee.
  • Optimised Results

    Your treatment is monitored throughout your hair regrowth journey to make sure you get the best results.
About Us

Pioneering medical hair loss treatment

Established in 1964, Ashley & Martin is Australia’s premier medical hair loss centre. Led by hair loss specialist, Dr Mario Terri, we provide complete care solutions that don’t rely on any single treatment method. This holistic approach ensures we treat everything contributing to your hair loss, which has proven to the most effective approach to stop balding and regrow hair.

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There’s an Ashley & Martin medical hair loss clinic near you with locations across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. We also offer online consultations for those outside city centres.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, under our Regrow Your Hair Guarantee, if you don’t receive a noticeable amount of hair regrowth after completing your Ashley & Martin hair loss treatment, we’ll give you a full refund. This guarantee is provided to most Ashley & Martin clients with Stage 2 (slight) to Stage 4 (severe) hair loss.

    Almost all Ashley & Martin clients undergoing a hair regrowth treatment are offered the Regrow Your Hair Guarantee. This guarantee is provided once it’s been determined that a hair regrowth program is suited to your condition. Generally speaking, this is anyone with a common hair loss condition such as alopecia or male / female pattern baldness, whose hair loss currently falls between Stage 2 (slight) to Stage 4 (severe).

    Only those whose hair loss is too advanced (Stage 5 – 7), or not noticeable (Stage 1) wouldn’t be offered the guarantee. Likewise, those with less common hair loss conditions, such as hair loss caused by radiation, autoimmune conditions or traction alopecia, may not be suited to a hair regrowth program and wouldn’t be offered the guarantee. In these cases, our doctors and trichologists will suggest alternative treatment options that can help.

  • Treatment costs do vary.  Like all responsible medical practices, our pricing depends on the method of your treatment, and how much help you need.

    What’s included in a 12 month package:

    • Regrow Your Hair Guarantee (For all eligible clients)
    • Personalised Treatment
    • Optimised results
    • Monitored for safety

    For detailed pricing and a recommended treatment plan, book your free hair loss assessment.

  • There are many factors that can contribute to hair loss. To get the best results, we provide personalised treatments to address the root causes of your condition. This may include a combination of medications that block the hormones causing hair loss; topical solutions that stimulate hair follicles;  low-level laser therapy (LLLT) that uses red light therapy to stimulate the scalp; and natural supplements that ensure your body has the essential nutrients it needs to grow more hair. While we don’t do hair transplants in-clinic, we do provide information on surgical procedures and will let you know if you are an ideal candidate for this approach.

  • By not being reliant on any single approach, our doctors can successfully treat most forms of hair loss in men and women including:

    • Genetic hair loss (Male / Female Pattern Hair loss)
    • Stress related hair loss
    • Hair loss from hormonal changes
    • Hair loss from auto immune conditions
    • Hair loss from scalp infections and skin disorders (Psoriasis)
    • Hair loss after giving birth
    • Menopausal hair loss
    • PCOS hair loss (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome)