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Hair Loss Adelaide

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Ashley & Martin has been regrowing and restoring hair since 1964. After nearly 60 years, we’ve mastered it. In fact,  when you sign up with Ashley & Martin, you get results, or you get your money back. Naturally, there are some conditions. In some late-stage hair-loss cases, we can’t offer a guarantee, but saying that, the vast majority of our customers qualify.

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Adelaide289 Flinders Street
Adelaide, SA 5000
Phone: 08 8227 1577
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Adelaide Clinic Information: the Adelaide Clinic is located at 289 Flinders Street, Adelaide. The Ashley and Martin Adelaide consultant is Wesem Melhem and the Doctor assisting our Adelaide patients is Dr Caroline Phegan.

Hours Monday to Friday 9am – 7pm & Saturday 8.30am – 12.30pm.

Parking Two hour metered street parking is provided all along Flinders Street, and surrounding roads.

A Hair Loss Case Study from our Adelaide Clinic

Edward* knew his partner wasn’t judging him for his hair loss, but he didn’t feel good about the way he looked.  It brought him down to think about his hair; he really did not want it to thin out any further.  When he saw the Ashley and Martin ads during the footy he made the decision to call as soon as possible.  The 30 year old had been losing his hair for three years and in that time a large patch of extremely sparse hair had developed on his crown.
Having been sceptical of the products that promised to regrow his hair at the chemist and online, he had never been tempted to try.  He did not want to get his hopes up only to find he had wasted his money.  Psoriasis had also complicated matters when thinking about hair treatments.  Edward was conscious of putting anything that might aggravate the condition on his skin.    The high success rate that Ashley and Martin boasted and the qualified medical professionals on staff gave Edward the confidence he needed to call for an appointment.
At his initial consultation his consultant took all the background information necessary to make an informed diagnosis of Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood IV.  Not wanting to go the way his father had, Edward commenced a RealGROWTH™ program the same day.  He was given the non-prescription components of his program and booked in to see the clinic doctor at his earliest convenience.  The doctor prescribed a topical solution that would not provoke Edward’s psoriasis and assured him that should he have an unexpected reaction, he could come back and see him to have it changed without further charge.
After four months on the program, Edward returned for a progress check-up.  He was pleased with the early results he was seeing and told his consultant that his partner had noticed his hair beginning to grow back also.  It had only been 16 weeks since he had first spoken to his consultant but he was beginning to feel better about the way he looked already.