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Ashley & Martin has been regrowing and restoring hair since 1964. After nearly 60 years, we’ve mastered it. In fact, when you sign up with Ashley & Martin, you get results, or you get your money back. Naturally, there are some conditions. In some late-stage hair-loss cases, we can’t offer a guarantee, but saying that, the vast majority of our customers qualify.

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Phone: 07 3839 9255

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Hours Monday to Friday 9am – 7pm & Saturday 8.30am – 12.30pm

Parking The closest parking to our clinic is as follows:

7/11- free underground parking- 170 Leichhardt St, Spring Hill. Directions: Head east on Leichhardt Street towards Henry Street. Turn left into the 7/11 and follow the driveway into the underground parking

Astor Terrace Secured Parking- 67 Astor Terrace, Spring Hill0: Closed on Weekends. Directions: Head west on Leichhardt Street towards Hope Street, yurn left at the next set of lights onto Upper Edward Street, turn left at the next set of lights onto Astor Terrace

A Hair Loss Case Study from our Brisbane Clinic

Jim* came to his initial consultation with his partner. Although she had told him his hair loss did not matter, she had encouraged him to seek professional advice for his concerns. If it was important to him, it was important to her. Together they had done their research in to the efficacy of medical treatments used to reverse the effects of Male Pattern Baldness.
Jim had tried using an anti-androgen medication for the hair loss he had been experiencing over the past two years. However this was not producing the results he was expecting from his research. The consultant explained to him why, on its own, this DHT inhibitor had not been effective. The way Ashley and Martin’s multi-faceted RealGROWTH™ approach would treat Jim’s Norwood III vertex Male Pattern Hair Loss was discussed at length.
Both Jim and his partner had resolved that he would speak to other hair loss companies before making a final decision regarding treatment. He went away to compare his options before choosing the option that was the best fit for him medically and financially. Two weeks after his initial consultation the consultant called Jim to ask if he had any other queries he could help with now Jim had spoken to other companies. The consultant understood the need to make informed choices regarding any treatment.
Jim went away on holidays shortly after. Upon his arrival back home in Australia, Jim called his consultant to book an appointment with the doctor; he had decided to use Ashley and Martin for his treatment. The transparency of all aspects of treatment, the fact it was prescription medication and his treatment was under the care of a GP, the lack of hard sell and the fact Ashley and Martin believed in their product enough to offer a money back guarantee were all contributing factors influencing his decision. A decision Jim had no cause to regret after watching his hair thicken and regrow over the coming months.