Over a five year period, Troy’s* hair had been getting noticeably thinner, particularly around his crown. He was only 23 years old but suffered with dermatitis and dandruff and it was believed that his psoriasis was exasperating his hair loss problems.

He’d previously tried to address these issues by taking vitamins aimed at strengthening hair and nails and by using an over-the-counter oil that had been recommended by the pharmacist for hair loss – none of which were effective in stopping his hair loss.

Then he booked a free consultation at an Ashley and Martin medical hair loss clinic. Here his Ashley and Martin hair loss specialist took his medical issues into account when prescribing a hair loss treatment program.

Troy chose not to enrol on the day of his consultation – he was going through a restructure at his place of work and wanted to wait until things had settled down before committing to a twelve month program.

A year later, Troy returned to the clinic, ready to start hair hair loss treatment. Eight months into the RealGROWTH® medical hair loss program, Troy had regrown a significant amount of hair. His treatment included a combination of medications and herbal supplements, along with the laser therapy. He was also provided specially formulated shampoos that were free of any chemicals that might aggravate his dermatitis. These worked well together to restore Troy’s hair and scalp health.

*Name changed to protect privacy

Results of a hair loss treatment for male pattern baldness