Treating hair loss from steroids

Former body builder, Jai* was showing advanced hair loss at just 36 years old.

He took advantage of the free consultation with a hair loss specialist, which are available at all Ashley and Martin hair loss clinics.

Jai had already tried hair regrowth products purchased them at his local pharmacy – with disappointing results. He also informed his consultant about his past steroid use that may have contributed to his hair loss.

After listening to Jai’s concerns and examining his scalp, the consultant placed Jai’s hair loss at Stage 5 on the Norwood scale. Jai was recommended a twelve month RealGROWTH® medical hair loss program which included a money back hair regrowth guarantee.

Jai followed the program diligently and noticed a huge change in the first 16 weeks. The large balding patch on his crown was covering over with thick, healthy hair and every month it got better.

After getting such positive hair regrowth for himself, Jai referred a friend who was experiencing similar hair fall.

*name changed to protect privacy

Treatment for steroid related hair loss