Fit and active, Christian* liked to take care of his body. And while his hair loss was not affecting his self-confidence, the changes to his appearance did bother him. His girlfriend, a hairdresser, had recommended a product for him to try., however unfortunately they saw no improvements after using this over the counter option for six months.

A friend of Christian’s, an Ashley and Martin client, recommended he call the local clinic to talk about using a prescription based RealGROWTH® hair regrowth treatment. It had worked for him and he was excited for his friend to try it too. With his partner supporting and encouraging him, Christian called Ashley and Martin.

Speaking with his consultant, he found that his partner had been encouraging him in the right direction with the treatment she had recommended. However, it would take a multi-faceted approach with prescription strength medication to address all areas of his hair loss.

When it came time for his Ashley and Martin Review appointment four months after starting treatment, Christian was unsure if this treatment had made any more difference than the one from the chemist. He had been checking in the bathroom mirror but was hard pressed to find any new growth. The consultant took photos of Christian’s hair from every angle, just as he had in the first appointment, and put them up on the screen next to each other. Seeing these comparison photos, Christian realised he had been wrong. Follicles which had been dormant four months previously had re-entered their growth phase and healthy, new hair was now covering his crown. A place Christian was unable to see in a mirror.

Pleased to see he had been able to regrow hair in his problem areas in such a quick time, Christian looked forward to seeing the changes at his next review.

*name changed to protect privacy

Results reducing the visibility of bald spots