Ryan was just a teenager when he first came to Ashley and Martin. At just sixteen years old, his hair loss was in its extremely early stages of development and already he had a visible balding patch on his crown. There was no way he was going to wait until his rapid hair loss progressed further before he intervened, he was already getting tormented at school. And so, wanting to stop the cruel teasing related to the genetic hair loss he had inherited from his father’s side of the family, he turned straight to the internet for answers.

Searching online, Ryan found Ashley and Martin’s contact form and within a week of initially deciding to do something about the problem, he was sitting in his consultant’s office discussing the treatment process. Baldness was a trait he shared with his father, uncle and both his grandfathers; he felt it was almost inevitable he would lose his hair but it was extremely important to him for it not to happen just yet.

Being so young, the hair loss consultant Ryan met with modified the treatment plan to suit his age. He would use a targeted blend of herbal and medicinal products in conjunction with weekly laser therapy treatments to stimulate blood flow and encourage new growth. Excited about starting as soon as possible, Ryan took the next steps in the process and booked an appointment to meet with the clinic doctor and have his medication prescribed.

Happy with Ryan’s overall health and the course of action recommended to address the Norwood III loss he had developed, the clinic doctor prescribed the topical medication Ryan would apply to his scalp daily.

The early intervention in the hair loss process worked superbly. Every time Ryan attended the clinic for his laser therapy, often with one of his parents with him, they all had huge smiles across their faces. No more balding crown, no more thinning temples and no more teasing at school.

*name changed to protect privacy

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