Hair Loss Treatment and Cure

The search for a hair loss cure has been on the radar since early human civilisation. From using snake venom to rub onto your scalp to the very latest developments in stem cells we still do not have a hair loss cure.

The most recent discovery made by Dr George Cotsarelis is an important piece of the jigsaw that is known as male pattern baldness. The research has shown that the number of hair follicle stem cells present in a bald area is the same as a hair bearing area. This breakthrough proves that it is not the stem cells which are dying, it is that they are not doing there intended job. Further work on over 30,000 genes showed that one of the genes prostaglandin D2 was elevated in males who were bald. So the link between these two discoveries may hold an important development in future techniques to treat male pattern baldness.

Prostaglandin D2 is also believed to be responsible in connection to certain bronchial conditions. Some large pharmaceutical companies are developing compounds to treat these bronchial problems. There may be a flow on effect where topical medications are created from ingested tablets for another condition. This is the same scenario that occurred with the topical Minoxidil product which was originally a tablet to treat high blood pressure.

So overall, even with the media announcing that a hair loss cure has been discovered this was not the case. It is a long way off to state that a hair loss cure is within our grasp for years to come.

Another piece of the puzzle has been found to this problem which may lead to new treatments in the future. We must always remember that we have only recently started to understand this problem. So the present regimes of treatments available will be the mainstay for at least the next 5 years.