Laser Caps for Hair Loss

Laser caps for sale at Ashley and Martin

Drug-free treatments to grow thicker hair

Who doesn’t want to grow thicker hair? Hair loss is common in men and women with many looking for products that can help with their hair thinning and promote new growth. Until recently, the best hair loss treatments have typically come in pill form. However, the idea of hair loss drugs can be a turn-off for some who may be concerned about side effects.

Enter laser caps

Laser hair therapy is a new hair loss treatment that many are interested in as an alternative. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of laser hair therapy, exploring how it works and why it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for men and women looking to stop hair thinning.

How low level laser devices work for hair loss

Understanding laser hair therapy

Laser hair caps use low-level laser light to stimulate hair follicles and encourage hair growth without being invasive. This advanced technique is rapidly gaining attention for its ability to combat hair loss effectively and safely.

How laser caps work

Laser therapy, also called red light therapy, stimulates hair follicles at a cellular level to promote hair growth. When laser photons are absorbed by hair follicles, it starts cellular respiration. This improves blood flow, carrying important nutrients to the scalp. Dormant hair follicles are then brought back to life, resulting in increased hair growth.

Benefits of laser hair therapy

Some benefits of laser caps over other types of hair loss treatments include:

1. It works

After some impressive results regrowing hair, the popularity of laser devices has exploded in recent times. At Ashley & Martin, we’ve been using laser hair therapy since 2011 and have seen firsthand how it can improve hair thickness in men and women. View our results

2. Drug free hair loss treatment

One of the most appealing features of laser hair loss treatments is that they’re drug-free. Many people are hesitant using medications that can come with side effects. With laser therapy, you can avoid the potential risks associated with drugs while still achieving positive results. It’s a non-invasive choice for people don’t like pills.

3. Low cost

You can purchase a laser cap through any Ashley & Martin clinic. In Australia, these are available for sale for $3,000.

Laser devices may also be included as part of an Ashley & Martin 12 month, complete care treatment plan. These treatment plans are monitored for optimal results and come with flexible payment plans to suit all budgets.

4. Works well with other treatments

At Ashley & Martin we typically will recommend a complete care program that combines different methods for the best regrowth outcomes. That said, we understand not everyone needs as much help and some just want a cheap, self-managed option to regrow thicker hair.

5. Share it in your home

Laser hair caps are safe to share with others in your house who also want thicker hair. The device helps everyone, regardless of balding, by improving follicle health and promoting hair growth.

Please note: These devices are not suitable children under 18 or pregnant women.

To find out if the device will work for you or your loved ones, take advantage of the free consultations available at Ashley & Martin where you can speak to a hair loss specialist.

Is laser hair therapy right for you?

As with all hair loss treatments, you should first make sure it’s right for you. Hair thinning can be caused by many things. This includes genetics, stress, hormonal changes, autoimmune conditions, chemo, scalp infections, skin disorders, postpartum conditions, menopause and PCOS.

To make sure you have the right treatment to fight your hair loss, you should speak to a dermatologist or hair loss specialist.

The team at Ashley & Martin offer free consultations where we will assess your condition and let you know what treatments will work best.

Drug free hair loss treatments

How to purchase an Ashley & Martin laser hair cap

Laser hair therapy has emerged as a game-changing solution for those seeking to address hair loss without resorting to drugs or invasive procedures. Its effectiveness, affordability, and safety make it a compelling choice for both women and men who are looking to rejuvenate their hair.

With Ashley & Martin laser devices proving how effective the treatments can be, red light therapy is rapidly gaining traction as a reliable and convenient hair loss solution.

To purchase your Ashley & Martin Laser Hair Cap, book a free consultation at any Ashley & Martin clinic.