Jaxon* was living in a remote country area and made contact with an Ashley and Martin clinic over the phone. He had been losing his hair for the past 4-5 years, and his scalp was now showing through his formerly thick hair.

After meeting with his consultant and being diagnosed with Stage 3 vertex hair loss, he arranged for a remote treatment program that he could manage in the comfort of his own home. His consultant felt confident that the twelve month, RealGROWTH® treatment plan would give him back his hair, and his confidence. Jaxon signed up and also purchased a laser therapy cap for use at home.

Six months into his treatment program, Jaxon returned to the clinic to see his progress. The photos showed that treatment was working well. His hair had become more dense around the troublesome areas and the new growth was healthy and strong.

*name changed to protect privacy

Results form a finasteride hair loss treatment