Should I share my laser hair growth cap?

Laser Hair Growth Cap

Using a laser hair cap at home

Proven as an effective, drug free option to grow more hair at home, it’s no big surprise that more and more people are interested in laser therapy. But who can benefit from them and is it something that’s safe for others in your home to use to increase their hair thickness?

In this article, we will explore the safety and effectiveness of sharing a Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) device, the potential benefits, the drawbacks, and how it could complement other hair loss treatments

Using a laser hair growth cap at home

Does laser hair growth really work?

Ashley & Martin has been using laser hair caps for many years as part of our Complete Care hair restoration programs. We’ve seen first-hand how effective they can be reversing hair thinning for many men and women. Much like some popular hair loss medications, laser hair caps work by boosting circulation in the scalp. This additional blood flow opens shrinking follicles to increase the number of actively growing hairs and the overall thickness of each strand.

Can anyone benefit from laser therapy?

Generally speaking, yes.

One of the most common questions we get from clients using a laser hair cap is “Can my partner use it too”? And usually, the answer is “Yes”. You don’t need noticeable hair thinning to benefit from an LLLT device. So, for those in your home who don’t have significant hair loss, but are interested in growing thicker, more voluminous hair, a laser hair cap could be a very good option for them.

Laser hair caps can also be used as a preventive method if there is a family history of hair loss or thinning.

Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule, so we always recommend speaking to a hair loss specialist to confirm that a laser hair cap is suitable for you or others in your household to use.

Who shouldn’t use a laser hair cap?

Laser hair caps are a non-invasive, drug free option, but that doesn’t mean they’re recommended for everyone.

At Ashley & Martin, we wouldn’t recommend a laser hair cap for:

Pregnant women and children

There’s simply not enough research to confirm if laser is suitable for use by pregnant women and individuals under 18. If this is you, it’s best to play it safe and avoid using laser technology.

Those with underlying medical conditions

If your hair loss is connected to an underlying medical condition, this will need to be addressed too. At Ashley & Martin we always recommend a Complete Care treatment that takes everything contributing to your hair loss into account. By combining treatment methods and monitoring your recovery, we can get to the root causes of your condition and maximise your hair regrowth.

Laser hair growth cap consultation

Safety tips when using a laser hair cap

Like other medical treatments you should always take care when administering laser therapy. To use a LLLT device safely and get the best hair regrowth results, we recommend that you:


Before using a laser hair cap, it’s always a good idea to consult with a hair loss specialist such as those at Ashley & Martin. Book a free consultation and we will assess your hair health and let you know if a laser hair cap is safe and effective option for you.

Follow Instructions

Always follow the instructions that come with your laser hair growth cap and are given to you by your consultant. This includes information on the duration and frequency that you should be using your laser hair cap.

Benefits of sharing your laser hair cap

Once you’ve established that it’s safe to do so, there are some clear benefits why you might want to share your laser cap with others in your home.


If you have multiple people using your laser hair cap, it can make it a very cost-effective solution compared to other hair loss treatments available.

Support regrowing hair


To get the best results, you need to use your laser hair cap regularly. Sharing the journey with a partner or family member can make it easier to get into a routine and provide motivation to stick with the treatment.


With a laser hair cap, you’re free to regrow hair at home. So, there’s nothing stopping others from benefiting from it too.

Results may vary

Different people have different hair health needs. Especially if you are comparing someone with a chronic hair loss condition to someone with only mild thinning. If you’re sharing your laser hair cap with others in your home, you shouldn’t expect identical results. To get to the root cause of any hair loss condition and maximise regrowth, it is always recommended that you speak with a specialist who can develop a hair loss plan that’s right for you.

Before you buy a laser hair growth cap

Your time to shine

Ultimately, there’s very little downside to getting a laser hair cap for you and your loved ones. Sharing a laser hair cap within a household can be a viable option for most couples or family members interested in improving their hair health.

Of course, while it is generally safe, it’s essential to follow safety guidelines. At Ashley & Martin, we recommend consulting with one of our healthcare professionals before undergoing any hair loss treatment.

It’s also important to remember that the best hair loss treatments typically combine different approaches to address everything that’s causing your hair loss.

For more information and to get a complete care hair restoration program that’s designed for you, book your free consultation with Ashley and Martin.

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