Ten years of gradual hair loss had sort of slipped by. Thomas’* hair fall was getting worse, particularly on his crown.

Thomas found a local Ashley and Martin clinic after some online research and booked a free consultation. At 53 years old he may have left any sort of procedure or hair loss treatment too late. His job as a nurse could be stressful and he was predisposed to baldness as his brother also carried the same family trait of hair loss. He had tried to deal with the shedding himself by using over the counter topical medications, but a lack of results saw him reach out a hair restoration specialist in Ashley and Martin.

At the appointment, Thomas’ consultant performed a scalp examination and checked that there were no underling medical conditions that may be impacting on the growth cycle of his hair. He diagnosed Thomas with Male Pattern Baldness – Stage 3 vertex on the Norwood scale – and recommended he commence with the Ashley and Martin 12 month RealGROWTH® program to achieve the best results.

This hair loss treatment plan could be easily administered from home and was clinically proven to stop the excessive shedding so that Thomas could start to regrow his own hair.

After sixteen weeks on the RealGROWTH® program, Thomas could already start to see the difference in the review photos. Although the bald patches were still there, there had been a shift in the quality of the hair that he was regrowing. His new hair was much thicker and the individual strands were robust and strong – not wispy and thin as they had been, just four months earlier. This regrowth continued over the remaining months.

*name changed to protect privacy

*name changed to protect privacy

Results of a hair loss treatment for older men.