What to expect when you regrow your hair

Watching your hair grow can be like… well, watching anything else grow. It’s a slow and steady process that takes a few months to notice results. Of course, you want to be confident that you have the right treatment and you’re on your way to restoring your hair.

Whether your receding hairline is in the early stages or if you have more advanced balding, here’s a few things our Ashley & Martin hair loss specialists look for, to ensure our clients are getting the best hair regrowth results.

Signs to see if your hair loss treatment is effective

1) Hair shedding

While it may seem counter intuitive, seeing some extra hair in your brush can be a good sign if you’ve recently started a new treatment. When you first start a hair regrowth treatment that may include topical solutions, oral medications, or undergoing low-level laser therapy, it can stimulate hair follicles that were in a dormant state to re-enter the growth phase. As a result, new, healthier hairs begin to grow, pushing out the old, weaker ones. This transition from the resting phase to the growth phase triggers shedding of the old hairs, which may lead to an increase in hair fall during the initial period of treatment.

When to Expect Reduced Shedding: Reduced shedding is typically expected after the initial shedding phase subsides. For most individuals, this occurs within the first three to six months of starting treatment. As the hair follicles become more active and enter the growth phase, the shedding should gradually decrease, indicating that the treatment is successfully addressing the underlying issues causing your hair loss. New hair growth will begin to replace the shed hairs, leading to thicker and healthier hair over time.

2) New Hair Growth:

Looking closely at areas where your hair has been thinning, you may see a number of small, new hairs sprouting. These tiny hairs are a sure-fire sign that your treatment is encouraging the growth of new, healthy hair. Over time, these hairs will continue to grow to give you the thicker, fuller hair you are looking for. At Ashley & Martin, most of our treatments for those with Stage 2 (Slight) Hair Loss to Stage 4 (Severe) Hair Loss, come with our “Regrow Your Hair Guarantee”. Under this guarantee, if you don’t see noticeable hair regrowth after completing your Ashley & Martin hair loss treatment, we’ll give you a full refund.

3) Receding Hairline Stabilisation:

Hair loss is progressive condition, so the stabilisation of your hairline is a positive sign that your treatment is working for you. Instead of continuing to recede, you should observe that your hairline remains consistent.

How Ashley and Martin hair treatments work

4) Improved Hair Texture:

As your hair regrows, you may notice an improvement in its texture and quality too. The new hair might be stronger, shinier, and more vibrant, indicating that the treatment is having a positive effect on your overall hair health.

5) Generally Thicker and Fuller Hair:

Over time, your hair loss treatment will translate to a generally thicker and fuller head of hair. Depending on the stage of hair loss, we estimate that an individual typically regains around 30% – 50% of their hair before it’s really noticeable. But this is the minimum we tell our patients to expect. Most Ashley & Martin clients more than double their hair thickness over the course of their treatment.

Can’t see hair regrowth?

As mentioned previously, hair regrowth is a slow, gradual process so don’t panic if, you don’t notice a difference looking in the mirror each day. The best way to monitor your progress is comparative photos taken over a period of months. This is something we provide at Ashley & Martin as part of all our hair regrowth programs. In addition to helping you to see your new hair growth coming through, (especially when your hair loss is in a hard to see spot), these regular check-ins are an opportunity to make tweaks to optimise your hair loss treatment.

When to be worried: Everyone is different, so there’s no single treatment that is guaranteed to give you the best result. Like other medications, you may even have a sensitivity to treatment. This could manifest as side effects ranging from mild scalp irritation to effects on your mood.

While these allergic reactions are rare, it’s another reason why it’s so important to have a complete care treatment plan. If you experience any side effects, your Ashley & Martin hair loss specialist will be there to make the necessary adjustments so you can feel good, while you fix your hair loss.

Ashley & Martin treatments really work, but they do take time

It’s important to be patient as you regrow your hair. While some see results in just a few months after starting treatment, for most it takes at least 6 – 12 months. Many patients may even continue to grow new hair from 20 – 24 months into their treatment. But by doing the right thing each day, and checking in with your dedicated Ashley & Martin hair loss specialist, you can be confident you’re on the right track to regrowing your hair.