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Do laser hair growth caps really work

Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy is the latest hair growth treatment to help men and women increase their hair thickness and density. Depending on your hair loss condition, it can be used on its own or as part of a Complete Care program.

Our Laser Hair Growth Caps are built to the highest standards for use in medical clinics.

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Find out what’s causing your hair thinning and what treatments are recommended to regrow your hair.

Benefits of Laser Caps

  • Natural hair loss treatment

    Regrow hair without harsh chemicals or drugs
  • Buy or rent

    Available for sale or rent from your local Ashley & Martin clinic
  • Unisex solution

    Laser Caps are effective treating hair thinning in men and women
Stop Thinning Hair

How Laser Caps work

Shrinking follicles contribute to many forms of hair thinning. Low Level Laser Therapy works by boosting circulation in the scalp. This opens up follicles, increasing the number and thickness of actively growing strands.


Hair regrowth results

  • Laser Cap
    Women Hair Thinning Treatment Sydney
  • Laser Cap
  • Laser Cap
    Laser hair therapy for men
  • Laser Cap
  • Laser Cap

Product features

Designed for optimum hair growth results

  • Laser diodes (Not LED Lights)
  • 272 diodes for maximum scalp coverage
  • 655 nm wavelength (Optimal for hair growth)
  • 5mW power output
  • Pulse mechanism

Convenience and quality

  • Built to medical clinic standards
  • Compact portable battery pack
Laser Hair Growth Cap specs
Australia’s Best Hair Loss Treatment

The secret to our success

Our clinics have had more success than any other because we don’t rely on any single treatment method.

Hair loss can be caused by a combination of factors, and it can take a combination of treatments to give you the best results.

Before committing to laser hair growth caps, natural supplements, oral medication, topical shampoos or any other hair loss treatment, it’s important to make sure it’s the right program for you.

In your free consultation we’ll identify exactly what’s causing your hair loss, and recommend a treatment suited to your condition.

Finding the best hair loss treatment for men

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Laser Hair Growth Caps aren’t suitable for children under 18 or pregnant women but are otherwise safe to share with those in your house who want to grow thicker hair. Even if they are not suffering from a hair loss condition, this medical device works the same way to activate more hair follicles, stimulating growth.

  • Purchasing a Laser Hair Growth Cap is more cost effective than renting if your hair loss type does not require any additional ongoing treatment. But we’ll let you know all your options when you come in for a consultation.

  • Hair thinning can be caused by many things. This includes genetics, stress, hormonal changes, autoimmune conditions, chemo, scalp infections, skin disorders, postpartum conditions, menopause and  PCOS. To make sure laser is an effective treatment for your condition, the team at Ashley & Martin offer free consultations to assess your hair loss and help you find an effective treatment.

  • We offer our Regrow Your Hair Guarantee to most people undergoing laser therapy. This will be provided to you as part of your hair loss treatment plan, after you have had your initial hair loss consultation. Click here for more details on our hair regrowth guarantee.