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Case Study: 19 Year Old Seeks Hair Loss Help

Six months ago Daniel* began to lose a little hair in his temples. He kept a close eye on his hair loss, noting that every month it was a little worse. At 19 years old he was not prepared to accept that the balding process had started already. Still in his teens, Daniel did not want to look like an old man any time soon.

As he did with anything else he did not know Daniel went online to find out what medical treatment was available for early stage hair loss. He found Ashley and Martin’s website and used the online enquiry system to book an appointment.

He told his consultant he was extremely worried about his hair line already as his grandfather and father were both in varying stages of hair loss. He knew it was a genetic condition and was concerned it was going to affect him earlier than he was ready for. He had already used some topical solutions he could buy over the counter, but they had not stopped the shedding. A family member had watched him trying to fight the condition and encouraged him to look at finding a medical solution.

The consultant told Daniel his hair loss was exactly what the RealGROWTH™ program was designed to treat. The early temporal loss he was experiencing could be reversed with a combination of anti-androgen medication, topical solution, dietary supplements and Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). He offered Daniel a money back guarantee on the treatment for extra peace of mind. Pleased to find he had gotten in early enough to undo the damage Daniel enrolled in a treatment program.

Over the coming months, Daniel received regular LLLT treatments and adhered closely to the medicinal portion of his program. Quicker than he had initially lost it his hair regrew, filling in the temporal recession and increasing the density of his hair where it had thinned out in front. His Norwood I Male Pattern Thinning was a thing of the past by the time he had his first progress check-up.



*name changed to protect privacy