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Ashley and Martin Doctor Reveals Trump Hair Surgery

Recent footage of wind hitting President Trump’s locks reveals that surgical work looks to be the main reason for the strange pattern that is exposed when his comb overs fail. President Trump has also revealed that he is taking the prescription medication Finasteride which is designed to block the hormone Dihydro-testosterone from causing further follicular devastation....
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February 12th, 2018

Hair Transplant Replacement Surgery Trends: Read This First

Hair transplantation is the riskiest option that can be considered for hair loss conditions. This should only be considered if treatment options have failed or the hair loss condition is too vast for other treatment options. The main risk with surgery is that it is permanent and only a certain amount of hair follicles can be moved from non-genetic hair loss...
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January 22nd, 2018

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Hair Transplant Surgery!

For those who experience hair loss and balding, hair transplant surgery can seem like a magical unicorn. Why a magical unicorn? The idea of a magical unicorn is alluring, mysterious and full of promise. But imagine if you literally came face-to-face with a magical unicorn and the horn on its head. There is something slightly frightening about the unicorn concept, and so...
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August 25th, 2014