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Okay, so you’re noticing hair loss. Whether it’s general thinning or a specific area, more than 60% of all men and 40% of all women will experience a hair loss condition within their lifetime. The results can be quite devastating – especially if you feel there’s no hope. But there is hope, and you are not alone. Every year Ashley & Martin treat thousands of people who are suffering just like you. And just like them, you’ll leave your Ashley & Martin consultant with more hair, and more confidence.
The key to successful hair regrowth is acting fast. If you address the problem at the first sign of hair loss you’ll be in with a very good chance of complete recovery. You might notice an area that’s thinning out, hair that’s actually thinner or shorter, and you might even notice hairs falling out. All of these are classic signs that you need to see a professional hair loss consultant soon.The chances are that your hair loss can be attributed to a genetic factor, although other health issues can be a cause, or a contributing factor (stress, medication etc). Whatever the cause, our consultants will identify the factors contributing to your condition and begin treatment accordingly. It’s by recognising the fact that every hair loss situation is slightly different, and treating every patient as an individual, that we achieve our remarkable 98%* success rate